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Association Bye-Laws

Issued in accordance with Rule 48 of the Rules of the Association

Bye-Law 01/2023/24

The Association has for many years enjoyed a close affiliation with the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum (RAFADRM) at RRH Neatishead and, for over 10 years, has been in the position of nominating a Trustee to assist in the governance of that organisation. More recently, that nominated Trustee has taken on new responsibilities within a governance structure that is itself changing, thus there is a demand to formalise the relationship within the Association's own Rules.

The following amendments/additions to the Rules shall be made:

Amend Rule 17, sub-paragraph f. to read "The RAF Air Defence Radar Museum (RAFADRM) Liaison Member.".

Re-number Rule 50 to be "Rule 51".

Insert new Rule 50, to read "Committee Terms of Reference.".

Under new Rule 50, insert sub-paragraph a. to read "RAFADRM Liaison Member.".

Under new Rule 50, sub-paragraph a., insert:

"(1) The RAFADRM Liaison Member may fill the position of a Trustee on the RAFADRM Board and take on associated governance responsibilities/roles as agreed between the RAFADRM Board and the RAFADRM Liaison Member.

(2) The RAFADRM Liaison Member shall act as the (informal) link between the Association and the RAFADRM.

(3) The RAFADRM Liaison Member will be a full party to the workings of both organisations and shall respect all consequent confidentialities."

This Bye-Law (issued by Committee on 29 November 2023) shall become effective immediately.