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CONCLUSION - Leading to the 21st Century

As can most likely be seen by the foregoing paragraphs the SFC has seldom been busier or more effective. We have not had a change to the syllabus for at least 8 months so the last team must have got something right. Over the 1990s the role of hosting that has always been a part of the SFC, has not abated. During the final decade of the 20th century the following countries sent representatives to view our work and equipment:

Norway, Malaysia, Hungary, Canada, Sweden, Singapore, Poland, Romania, Holland, Italy, France, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. The School has also hosted many high ranking officers, again an ongoing trend throughout its history.

There comes a time when any historian must draw the line and I am afraid that time has now arrived for this compiler. I will now hand the finished article into the hands of someone who may be able to get it published. I would like to end on a personal note. Many people, inside and outside the School, have given me much support and encouragement and I have hoped to thank them all for their help and guidance under "Acknowledgements". Should I have forgotten anyone I sincerely apologise, but please remember, even Homer nods.


Although this list is just a suggested list I believe much could be obtained from the museum at Neatishead as the RAF Museum charge a sizeable sum for any photographs provided.

Cover - Crest

Frontispiece - AVM RG Hart (School Foyer)

(1) Searchlights (NT or Press?)

(2) RAF Duxford (Hendon - P3735)

(3) Gloster Grebe (Hendon - P1932)

(4) Siskin (Hendon - P018340)

(5) Echo Wall (ie Malta) (NT or C&R Bulletin)

(6) RRE Equipment on 200ft tower (NT?)

(7) BBC transmitter circa 1935-38 (Daventry?) (BBC?)

(8) Heyford Bomber (Hendon - P6855)

(9) Mr Watson Watt (Press?)

(10) AVM Dowding (SFC Foyer?)

(11) RE 8 A/C (Hendon - P022217)

(12) RAF Bawdsey (Aerial) (The Bawdsey book in Tac Int?)

(13) Radio Reception Centre Slough (BBC?)

(14) Type 7 radar, AI radar MkIV (NT?)

(15) Photograph of Grave at Aston Rowant Oxfordshire (IFFY?)

(16) Filter room and staff X2 (20) (NT?)

(17) GSM Table (NT?)

(18) CTU "Woodlands" (Nothing Found)

(19) "Dearne" Uxbridge Road Stanmore. (Nothing Found - Demolished?)

(20) see 16

(21 / 22) Tricycles and equipment (Calcutta F540) Tgt and Ftr types

(23) RAF Rudloe Manor & POW camp? (Contact Rudloe?)

(24) RAF Middle Wallop (Hendon - P2172)

(25) Type 14 (NT?)

(26) Type 13 (NT?)

(27) CHL Type 11 (NT?)

(28) Type 54 (NT?)

(29) Type 15 (NT?)

(30) Auster (Hendon - P5159)

(31) Oxford (Hendon - P6185)

(32) Spitfire (Anywhere?)

(33) Balliols (Nothing Found)

(34) PPI Electro Magnetic (NT?)

(35) Lincoln (Hendon - P15407)

(36) HM Prison, Portland (Prison Service?)

(37) RAF Hope Cove (?)

(38) RAF Sopley (?)

(39) "Happidrome" (?)

(40) Crest (SFC?)

(41) USAFs B47 (USAF?)

(42) Hunter (Hendon - P7089)

(43) Type 80 (NT?)

(44) R3 (NT?)

(45) Duncan Sandys (Press?)

(46) HMS Dryad (Dryad?)

(47) Type 84 (NT?)

(48) HF 200 (NT?)

(49) Mullard Trainers (NT?)

(50) Meteor (Hendon - P8872)

(51) Canberra (100 Sqn?)

(52) Lightning (11 Sqn?)

(53) Neatishead plus Fire Photos (NT and Fire Section NT?)

(54) Bawdsey Manor (Bawdsey or book "Bawdsey" - with permission)

(55) West Drayton (NT?)

(56) Opening of School - AVM Freer (NT?)

(57) L1 Building - with Lightning (NT?)

(58) RAF Boulmer - picture of new building (PLEZ)

(59) Joan laying 1st concrete pile (SFC)

(60) Opening of School - HRH (SROs?)

(61) Opening of Dowding Centre - HRH (SROs?)

(62 - 64) Anything on Heliopolis or Calcutta (Hendon - P020363)

(65) Ops room at 11Gp/Northolt (D drive under B sqn old ops)

(66) Any classroom shots (TRY FOR OLD V NEW FOR COMPARISON)

(67) Phantom (43 Sqn?)

(68) Tornado (ANY?)

(69) Maj Gen Csurgay presenting CQs to 178 IDRO Course

(70) Marconi Awards 1993 ( 69, 70 and 71 in COs outer office)

Mayor of Durham on TAC Floor 29 Mar 95