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Association Bye-Laws

Issued in accordance with Rule 48 of the Rules of the Association

Bye-Law 2014/15-01.

At AGM 13, the Association made the decision to increase the annual subscription from £10 p.a. to £15 p.a., the increase to take effect from 1 April 2014. Towards the end of 2013, a campaign of informative communication was commenced, the aim of which was to give paying members of the Association every opportunity and every assistance to make the necessary changes to each individual's standing order mandate. The result of the campaign was that, shortly after the start of the Association's new financial year, the vast majority of Association members had made the amendment, but that some had either cancelled the standing order - thereby paying nothing - or not amending it - thereby making the same payment as in previous years. While the proportion of the membership that had complied with the Committee's request far outstripped the assumptions that had been promulgated in the Business Plan, it has been felt necessary to do everything possible to persuade the 'stragglers' to make the necessary changes. Nevertheless, it was also appreciated that to apply Rule 9 in its absolute form to those yet to make the amendment was somewhat draconian and contrary to the principles of the Association.

Rather than 'evict' someone not meeting the requirements of Rule 9, then, it has been decided that s/he should remain a member and receive routine correspondence and newsletters, but have only limited access to the website and not be permitted to book for or attend an Association function until s/he had provided evidence that the correct in-year payment had been made and that a revised standing order was in force for subsequent years. The Committee would continue to attempt to bring those affected by this Bye-law back into the fold, but those continuing to pay £10 at each subscription renewal would remain so affected until the correct payment has been made or the individual has chosen to cancel membership. This Bye-law takes effect immediately on publication.